FPTC (Food Processing and Training Centre)

Teknologi Hasil Pertanian

Is central to food production and training consisting of Bakery Production Unit and Functional Food Products and Training Unit. Production Unit is a unit that produces bakery products and functional foods intended for the general public. Training Unit consists of Student Competence Enhancement Division and Division of Food Technology.

Student Competence Enhancement Division aims to improve the technical skills of both Brawijaya University student and student from outside Brawijaya University.

Division of Food Technology is a training center dedicated to the food industry, large, medium and small enterprises (SMEs), as well as the general public.

Food Technology Training intended for large industries, micro-medium enterprises (SMEs), and the general public. This training consists of:

  1. Bakery Product Training covering various variations of bread (sweet bread, soft bun, high in fiber, pumpkin bread, etc), different variations in cakes, cookies, crackers, pizza, a variety of brownies, a variety of muffins, etc.
  2. Training for Industry training includes determining the shelf life of food products (shelf life), HACCP, ISO, GMP, sensory testing, microbiology, and other experts and master trainer field.
  3.  Appropriate Technology Training. Technology package offered by technology functional ice cream processing, vegetable nuggets, various flavors of soy milk, fermented food products, VCO, jelly drink, instant grass jelly powder, etc.