Food Nutrition

teknologi hasil pertanian 1

(Cold Sentrifuge)


teknologi hasil pertanian 2

(Cage Rats)


teknologi hasil pertanian 3

(Surgical Equipment)


teknologi hasil pertanian 4

Nutrition is an essential component for human health. Poor nutrition can lead the decreased function of multiple organ systems in the body. Given the important role of nutrition in human life it is necessary to research that focuses on sustainable food nutrition. This laboratory has a range of substance-related science and nutrition food nutrients such as bioavailability of nutrients, bioassay, community nutrition and functional foods.

Equipment :

  1. Shakerwaterbath
  2. Spectrophotometer
  3. Oven listrik
  4. Sentrifuge dingin
  5. Kandang tikus percobaan
  6. Vortex mixer
  7. Refrigerator
  8. Peralatan bedah
  9. Lainnya

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