Biotechnology Study Programme

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Welcome to the Biotechnology Study Programme!

Biotechnology is a technology based on biological systems. The use of biotechnology could be traced back to the dawn of civilization and is closely associated with food. The simplest form of biotechnology in the early days was the use of naturally occurring microorganisms to ferment a variety of food products. Nowadays, biotechnology has found applications in many fields, from materials science to medicine. The biotech industry is fast growing and is expected to boost the revolution of a global green bioeconomy.

The Biotechnology Study Programme at Universitas Brawijaya is an undergraduate education programme that focuses on industrial biotechnology (the conversion of biomass to bioproducts). The field of industrial biotechnology is interdisciplinary and the curriculum of the programme is designed to equip students with competencies in the areas of biomass and biological systems, bioprocess, and bioproducts.

To learn more about our programme, please browse our website or contact us. If you are interested in applying to the programme, please visit the university’s selection website ( Important dates are available on the university’s academic calender website ( We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Head of the Biotechnology Study Programme