Quality & Food Safety Test

Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory is a unit under Department of Agricultural Product Technology which provide testing services for food products to the public and industries, including analysis of physical, chemical, and microbiological. This laboratory also provides consultation services to public and industries related to production process or food products quality problems.


  1. Analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological

Physical analysis includes analysis of viscosity, color, texture, yield strength, elasticity, and dissoleved solids.

Chemical analysis includes analysis of moisture, ash, fat, protein, total sugar, reducing sugar, crude fiber, vitamin C, total acid, anthocyanin, N-soluble, amylose, acid number, peroxide number, free fatty acids, mineral content (Ca, K, Na, and Li), total carotenoids, carrageenan, salt, pH, and water activity.

Microbiological analysis includes analysis ot total plate count (TPC), total lactic acid bacteria (LAB), E. Coli, Salmonella, S. Aureus, and Coliform.

  1. Consultation

Consultation service provided to solve the problems that occur in the production process or the quality of food and agricultural products for home scale business, small and medium enterprises, and large industries.

Facilities and Equipment

The laboratory contain a wide selection of equipment including: cabinet dryer, freeze dryer, ice cream maker, hydraulic press machine, flour grinder, mixer, sieve shaker, extruder, vacuum frying, sealer, juice extractor, furnace, gas chromatography, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Aw meter, centrifuge, pH meter, electrophoresis device, flame photometer, refractometer, penetrometer, chromameter, RH meter, rotary evaporator, shaker waterbath, digestion unit, distillation unit, vortex, viscotester, incubator, autoclaves, colony counter, microscope with camera, and video camera for microscope.


Astria Ningsih, A.Md

Telp: +62341-573358

Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory

C Building, 1st floor

Department of Agricultural Product Technology

Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Brawijaya University

Malang, Indonesia