Food Product Development Competition (FPDC)

20 May 2016
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20 May 2016, Comments 0

Students Association of Food Science and Technology organized the 2nd Food Product Development Competition (FPDC). The Competition will be held From June to September 2016. Food Product Development Competition (FPDC), formerly known as National Paper Student Competition (NSPC), is a competition aimed for undergraduates (S1) and vocational (D3) students in the Southeast Asian region. The purpose of this competition is to gather and stimulate creative innovation from students of various disciplines, particularly in the field of food manufacture based on indigenous ingredients of their own region. The 2nd FPDC has a theme “Indigenous Ingredients-based Product Development to Advance in ASEAN Economic Community”. The competition consists of three stages, abstract selection, paper selection, and final presentation.  The whole process will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges from various institutions. The prototype should be displayed during Food ingredient Asia (FIA) Conference and Expo organized by UBM.