23 September 2020

Food resources are one of the key sources for fulfilling children’s needs to achieve optimal development with a balanced physical, mental and social whole. Childrens need a decent and tenable state of health and nutrition in their daily intakes. Kids need healthy meals each day, consisting of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and also essential vitamins and minerals. The intake would be beneficial to children’s brain and physical development. In early ages, their unwillingness to eat vegetables is often an issue. They tend to pick food which they liked. Sugars, Candies, Snacks, and Sweets with high calorie are their most preferable intake in early childhood which has low in fiber and vitamins. One of the driving force for kids to enjoy sweets and eat fewer vegetables is the growing numbers of minimarkets. The interesting and reachable displays allows children to take those kinds of foods.

When a child enters the preschool age (around 3), they have started be active consumers and grew the ability to select and determine the food they want to eat. They sometimes rejects healthy food and prefers only certain kind of favorite food. Meanwhile in early age, they need to be exposed to a wide variety of foods. In 2018, BBC report that children in 9 out of 10 countries are suffers from double burden where over and under nutrition children live side by side. In Indonesia, about 14% are underweight (6% are really thin) and about 12% are overweight.

Increase in playtime of preschool age child usually leads to delay meal times, and unaware busy parents sometimes also pay less attention in children meal time. The kids will not ask for food until evening because they was too busy and exhausted all day. Also, working mothers of preschool children often lead to insufficient breakfast. Instant fries, nuggets, chickens with rice is the most found menu in everyday breakfast. Their limited time and tight schedule lead them to inadequate breakfast meanwhile breakfast is the most important meal for the day. Breakfast consist of nutrient and energy for the day, persistent poor breakfast would impair their behavior and development.

Poor feeding is an issue that facing nearly every parent. The child often refuses to  eat unwittingly. Picky eating can also occur because of wrong eating pattern since their early age. Children who are difficult to eat frequently select only those foods which they want. Nutrient intervention in the form of dense foods on the appealing menu to the kids is very important. Fortifying vegetables and fruits  in children’s favorite menu such as sweets and breads, are essential to increase the vitamin, mineral and fiber needs.

The alternative proposed is through the implementation of healthy food fortification of fruit and vegetables for children’s favorite menu. The community development activity was held on June 9, 2020 in the KB Baipas Ceria by Jhauharotul Muchlisyiyah, STP, MP. The approach to be done is in the form of direct extension using video education to students KB Baipas Ceria. The video filled with joyful and colorful pictures to attract children’s interest. The video education is about vegetables and fruit. At the end of the video, in accordance with Food Technology science department, it was recommended about fortification of vegetables and fruits in a preferred children’s food. The recipes given include spinach Oreo Brownies, vegetable candy, and carrot nuggets. The instructional video was given to KB Baipas teachers then be forwarded to the parents and and students. Also, we provided children with books which contain education about the importance of fruits and vegetables.