International Food Conference 2016

12 May 2016
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12 May 2016, Comments 0

About the Conference

The field of Food Technology is growing rapidly and its development is making a great impact on the health and wellbeing of the society. Food technology covers a wide range of area starting from the simplest food preservation such as sun drying, post-harvest handling to reduce losses, to the advanced nanotechnology for functional food application. Therefore food technology has become one of the most important contributors to human life.  Nowadays, food technology is not only intended to fulfill the foods needed for daily consumptions but has also been an important factor playing role in combating health problems in the world. Research on health problems of the society has been polarized into two groups which are health problems because of malnutrition and health problems due to over nutrition and unbalanced dietary and lifestyle habit.


A recent report by FAO revealed that more than half of the world’s population mainly in developing countries is adversely affected by malnutrition or what we know as hidden hunger. This condition is responsible for the increase of child and pregnant women mortality, the decrease of growth and cognitive rate, etc, thus resulted in the low quality of life., On the other hand, the numbers of degenerative diseases are increasing rapidly. Diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, cancer, and early aging are believed to be triggered by over nutrition and unbalanced diet and lifestyle habit.


The hidden hunger condition can be alleviated by increasing the household food security status. Three pillars of food security are food should be available which means that supply chains and distribution are important factors, food should be accessible which means that everyone should have access to food, and food should be appropriately utilized, safe, and nutritious. Food technology could play an important role by contributing innovation in food processing in order to maintain its nutritional content, setting the standards of food safety, and formulating new food product which has added value in terms of nutritional content and other beneficial effects on health.  Meanwhile, the degenerative diseases caused by unbalanced dietary and lifestyle habit will lead to the excess of the oxidation process in the human body. This condition could be minimized by the intake of foods which are rich in antioxidant compounds. Numerous research in food technology is recently focused on the innovation in creating functional food for health. Moreover, information on balanced dietary intake should be promoted in order to avoid such diseases.


Another aspect which needs to be taken into account is the role of food industries. Innovation in laboratory scale at the university or research center should be applicable, therefore can be provided for the society. Strengthened the collaboration between industries, universities, and research center are very important to produce good qualities of food and food products.