Agricultural Product Technology Department has been cooperating with various parties, both the government and private institutions. This cooperation includes the empowerment of SMEs, science development (internship), the development of standardized education, research and community service, consulting and product analysis services. Here the institutions in collaboration with the Department:

  1. National Standardization Agency
  2. Agency for Food Security in East Java
  3. Madison County Research and Development
  4. PT. Garam (Salt Production)
  5. PT. Sampoerna Agro (Bioenergy)
  6. P3GI
  7. BPPT
  8. Vocational High School
  9. PT. Sekar Bumi
  10. PT. Agri Earth
  11. PT. Greenfields Indonesia
  12. Research Institute for Citrus and Sub-Tropical Fruit
  13. Hall Of Certifications Supervision of Food Crop and Horticulture Java
  14. Center of Integrated Agribusiness Development (Spat)
  15. Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology-Java
  16. Research Center of Tobacco and Fiber Crops
  17. Research Institute for Legumes and Tubers
  18. PT.Bisi International Tbk
  19. etc