Strategic Plan

Currently the world is confronted by some very difficult issues, among others, the food crisis and malnutrition, the energy crisis and the environmental crisis. The phenomenon of food crisis and malnutrition we observe many parts of the world, especially in developing countries. Millions of people suffer from severe malnutrition, about 870 million people is not met the needs of her eating even the majority (98%) of those living in developing countries.

Similarly the energy crisis increasingly felt that we were constantly racing to consume non-renewable energy because of the rapid growth of the industry and the impact of the surge in the number of people is incredible. Plus the lack of a sense of responsibility to the environment that makes the gloomy environmental quality.

To overcome the crisis, the strength and future of a nation depends entirely on the quality of human resources (HR). In this case, the educational institution has a very vital role in printing quality human resources. Department of Agricultural Technology (THP) as a center for the development of science and research center’s mission is to create graduates or competent human resources in the field of science, innovative, creative, and have a sense of social responsibility is high. Glorious achievements at national and international level achieved so far indicate that the THP Department Department of qualified and supported with reliable human resources and high commitment, the Department of THP with some interest, namely Food Processing Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Food and Nutrition will be able to contribute to addressing the global crisis as well as the development of the nation. The power of the Department of THP as an educational institution even stronger by obtaining the status of approved international accreditation agencies in the field of food that the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists), USA.

In line with the mission of the Department of THP and see the strengths, weaknesses, and internal potential by considering the direction of the development of the UB to be a world class FTP entrepreneur university and Strategic Plan sets the direction of the Department of THP development are:

1. Improving the Quality of Learning (Education)

2. Strengthening research (academic research), both in the field of food and non-food

3. Development of Community Services

4. Quality Improvement Management Management

5. Strengthening cooperation (robust collaboration) with various parties in the national and international levels

In accordance with the Strategic Plan 2013-2022 FTP THP 2013-2018 Strategic Plan is an integral part of efforts to achieve the standards of quality and service to the world-class university education, and education for all levels of Indonesian society. THP Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is a continuation and strengthening of policies that have been realized in THP Strategic Plan 2008-2012 with the primary mission to implement Tridharma. In line with the university’s mission and FTP to be a world-class university in the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 THP made the development of a new program that is focused on achieving the vision of the FTP and UB were superior especially in the field of education.

Strategic Plan Department of Agricultural Technology in 2013-2018, can be seen in the following files: