Internal Audit

Internal Audit Quality (AIM) is a systematic and independent examination to determine whether the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) effective and appropriate planning is done by a unit at the University of Brawijaya (UB). AIM at UB conducted to examine the fit between the defined quality standards, the Quality Management System (QMS) Academic, Finance and Administration with the implementation by the unit at the UB.

Internal Audit Quality (AIM) is useful for:

  • To identify any discrepancies that have been and are taking place, as well as things that later on have

    a tendency to cause problems (mismatch).

  • Ensure conformance to the requirements documented system standards referred.
  • Ensure conformance activities implemented a documented system.
  • Ensure consistent implementation of the system.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the implementation of the system.

Internal Audit 2012 :

– Borang AIM UKPA Siklus 12 PS S-1 

– Borang AIM UKPA Siklus 12 PS S-2