Name of Programme : The Bachelor of Biotechnology Study Programme
Degree Awarded : Sarjana Bioteknologi (Bachelor of Biotechnology)
Study Duration : 8 semesters (4 years)
Credits : 144 sks (216 ECTS)
Awarding Institution : Universitas Brawijaya
Year Founded (and Opened) : 2014 (Accepting Students Since 2015)
Accreditation Status : Accredited A by BAN-PT



To become a science and technology development center that produces globally competitive human resources in the field of industrial biotechnology.


  1. To provide quality education programme in industrial biotechnology that can compete nationally and internationally.
  2. To perform research in industrial biotechnology that produces useful products for human welfare.
  3. To conduct diffusion of science and technology to the community in the face of the bioeconomic era.


  1. To produce quality human resources in industrial biotechnology.
  2. To produce quality research in the form of scientific publications and intellectual property rights (IPs) that are beneficial for the development of industrial biotechnology at the national and international level.
  3. To take an active role in the diffusion of science and technology related to the development of industrial biotechnology.