LSIH , Brawijaya University is one of laboratory in University Brawijaya under coordination by Rectors. Main function of LISH in University Brawijaya are to supporting scientist and providing analysis services. LSIH was founded October 23 th, 2007 based on letters decision from Brawijaya University Rectors No : 368/SK/2007.  Based on Organizational Structure of Brawijaya University, LSIH has a positions to supporting academics implementation. LSIH has a various and modern instruments in order to facilitate the scientist produce some researches which recognized internationally.

LSIH as a central laboratoium in Brawijaya University has a accreditation ISO 17025 : 2005 from National Accreditation Committe in 2012.  LSIH designed as laboratory for biological sciences and food sciences. LSIH got certified by ISO 9001 : 2008 in 2011, and also certified on karyotyping human blood, protein analysis and water contents on flours product in 2012.

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