The Department of Agricultural Product Technology University of Brawijaya (UB) was founded on September 24th, 1964 under the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1998, Faculty of Agricultural Technology was established independently which was formerly under the Faculty of Agriculture and on January 26th, 1998 the Department of Agricultural Product Technology was under this new faculty with other two departments. Following in 1999, Graduate Program specialized in food science and technology was established. The core competence of the department was designed to provide the students with the knowledge of principles of food science and technology to be applied to the food industries which may involve post-harvest handling, processing, preservation and distribution for consumption or for providing raw materials for industries in an efficient way and meet the requirements (safety, quality and healthy) within a framework of environment-friendly production system based on faith and devotion to God Almighty.

Undergraduate program offers three options: Food Processing Technology, Food Nutrition, and Food and Agroindustrial Biotechnology. For research development, the Department established four teaching laboratories: The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laboratory of Food Processing and Engineering, Laboratory of Food Microbiology, and Laboratory of Food Nutrition.

Currently, the Department of Agricultural Product Technology is supported by 2 Professors, 9 Doctorates, and 22 Master’s degree. Until the end of June 2012, 6 staffs are pursuing doctorate in overseas universities. To improve the quality and quantity of the graduates and to strengthen their role in the development of agricultural technology sector, the Department of Agricultural Product Technology is always improving the quantity and quality of the staff. Some efforts are implemented to the development of personal competence, social competence, and professional competence through the training, workshops, internships, seminars, further studies, inviting guest lectures, conducting research and community service which are performed within or outside of Indonesia.

Academic staffs are clustered based on their expertise: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food, Food Processing Technology, Food Biotechnology, Food Microbiology, Food Engineering, Food Quality Management, Food Nutrition.

Students are actively involved in many scientific competitions in international or national levels such as Food Technology Competition organized by Institute of Food Technology (IFT) USA (won 3rd place in 2012, won 1st place in 2011 and won 3rd place in 2010) and PIMNAS (National Scientific Student Competition).